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Tarikh : 4.12.2009 @ Jumaat

Aktiviti : Give + project

Penerangan Project

This is an art project via blog.

During the residency, I will ask new friends or people I have encountered to participate this project. They will be asked to provide a subject for me to paint, the finished painting will be given to someone they know. The subject of the painting, by participants' requests, can be anything. After a painting is done, it will be sent via post mail to the receiver.

All participants and receivers of this project then can visit this blog and leave their comments. When I am in Santa Monica, the title is Give+ Santa Monica. When I am in Taipei, the title will be Give+ Taipei. This Project will travel with me for 2years. The ultimate plan is to complete this Project worldwide.

6 easy steps to participate:

1. think of an idea or subject to paint.

2. receive new work within one to two weeks.

3. send the work to the receiver via post mail.

4. visit this blog and leave the comments.

5. leave also videos and photographs will be wonderful as well.

6. come back anytime to add more comments.

The artist as an author will follow participants' requests to paint a new painting. The author has no control of topics, participants' responses and reactions, and whom the receivers and destinations will be. In combination of web 2.0, Internet, and tangible art objects and delivery, this project aims to discover the unexpected: topics, responses, destinations, occupations, human interaction, motivation, etc...

Mentor :

Sue-ching You
Taipei, Taiwan
Professional mixed and multi media artist.
Untuk permulaan asas-asas blog telah di siapkan..tugasan pertama adalah mencari idea atau tajuk untuk berasaskan lukisan...kemudian pada minggu depan hasil tersebut akan di uplordkan ke dalam blog dan seterusnya di hadiahkan untuk kawan....

Sepanjang projek tersebut..untuk permulaan Sue Ching You hanya mahukan 4 orang dan ia akan berkembang dari masa semasa..antara peserta yang terpilih...pada adik-adik yang lain jangan risau semuanya boleh terlibat nanti....

Untuk melihat hasil project tersebut bolehlah melayari nanti.

Ini untuk mengenai Sue Ching You dari lebih dekat lagi...



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